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Carter's Pet Sitting Service

*affordable, dependable, and trusted pet sitting*

About Us

As of January 2014 Carters Pet Sitting is now Barb's Pet Sitting.

Hello! I'm Barb and I have been pet sitting over a year for our Wichita customers. I am retired from the Hutchinson Police Department where I was for 37 years. I have a cat, Suki who runs the house and loves my attention!

I am passionate about proper animal care and I want your pets to receive care as good as you provide, if not better! My goal is to have your time away from your pets as productive for them. We work on minor training like how to walk on a leash and some small commands like "sit" and "stay".

home pet sitting is the best way to achieve that. I realize that people were worried that their friend or neighbor would forget to show up, or the kennel wouldn't let them out enough, or they would have an emergency at home by themselves and not receive help. Overall, pet owners want their animals safe, happy, and active. The way to achieve that is with in-home pet sitting.

So, I began to build and design my program for each animal; multiple daily visits, daily exercise and walks, and training and instruction everyday on every visit.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. I have great references as most of my business is repeat customers and their family and friends! But most importantly, I know exactly what it's like to leave your animals and worry about their care constantly.

I am lucky enough to employ some of the most caring and honest pet sitters in town. Together, we are available to assist you and offer our services to your pet all throughout the year, even during the holiday season! My team is trustworthy, honest, respectful, and has a genuine love for animals.

Call today and let me know when you need my help! Please visit the contact page to do so.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many visits do you offer?

For the pups we do 3 daily visits. This is one in the morning, evening, and then a late night visit. For the kitties we usually do 2 daily visits. One in the morning and one in the evenings.

2. How long are the visits?

Most of our visits are about 30 minutes. On the visit that we take the pups on walks, it's around 45 minutes-1 hour. For Dog Walking our visit is usually 20 minutes.

3. Will you pro-rate charges?

Yes, dependent on when you are leaving/returning we will pro-rate the charges for that day.

4. What about our house?

Your homes safety is very important to us. There are several factors that we are very adament to address.

*Safety- We double check that all windows and doors in use are locked and secure. We rotate lights and blinds to give the appearance of an "active" home. We do not advertise when we are there; no logos on our clothing or vehicle. The reason we do that is because we don't to portray the image that you are not at home. We also use a lock box to store the key. This also is beneficial if a sitter may become ill or unable to be at the home, another sitter can easily come to the home and check the pets.

Also, we ask that you have a friend, family member, or trusted neighbor regularly check your home to verify security.

*Valuables- we advise that you place your valuables in a safe place during service. I trust myself and my sitters, however it's best to use common sense and remove precious valuables and put them in a safe location.

*Weather- our biggest concern is the safety of the home and your pet(s). We do ask if there is a chance of bad weather or natural disaster during your absence then you make alternate plans for your pets stay (ie. friend/family members home or available veterinary clinic).

Again, it's best to use common sense and use all precautions while you away from your home. We advise to have someone you trust check up on the house during your absence.

5. What if my pet gets sick?

On our initial visit with you, we will get all of your Veterinarians information and the nearest emergency clinic information at that time. If your pet does get ill and it's not life-threatening, we will contact you for further instruction. If you are unable to contact us in an acceptable amount of time then we will take the pet to your vet or the nearest emergency clinic if necessary.

Please contact your vet and let them know when you will be gone, and make payment arrangements if your pet does need to be brought in. We will not be responsible for any charges from your vet for service for your animal.

6. What if you get sick?

We have several other pet sitters available to cover in one of our absence.

7. Why shouldn't I just have a neighbor watch them?

Enlisting friends and neighbors is your choice, however we still get emergency calls because the neighbor forgot or your friend can't get there in time. Also, many people feel "put out" when they are put in charge of someone else's property or belongings and may not offer the standard of care that is necessary.

So, be assured that we are trained in pet sitting and we offer walks, spend time playing, teach games and tricks, and also keep your pet active and socialized. Don't forget, we visit your house three times a day!

8. Do you have references?

We certainly do! They are current, and from local customers. Some of our customers have agreed to give their email to a potential client so they can personally talk to them. We are more than happy to give you our references!

9. What else do you do?

We sell organic and handmade products for your pets as well. As of now we offer an Organic Shampoo Bar that is amazing for dog and human hair! It moisturizes their skin and leaves their coat clean and shiny! We also have Anti-Bug Spray that is all organic, no Deet or alcohol, and safe for pets and humans alike. Wonderful to use on your pet and when bugs are a bother.

Also, we do offer several other services such as a "Coming Home" service and a "Clean House" service, these are discussed at the initial meeting.

10. Where do you serve?

We offer service all over Wichita, and dependent on our schedule we can offer service in surrounding towns for an additional fee.


Hutchinson and Wichita, KS

Contact Hours:


Call: 8a-5p Monday-Friday

Text: Anytime!

(316) 841-8452

Hours of service:

24/7, 365

Including holidays!